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      Elder Scrolls Online State of the Chapter

      The time is just about upon us! Early Access starts 3/30/2014, which unless you live under a rock is this month. We are looking to hit Early Access with the quality and intensity Acolytes have been known for over the many years. We currently have 70+ applicants and come launch we are looking to have an active player base of 90+ covering various time zones across the world. With our activity in Cyrodiil our numbers are expected to grow as time goes on.

      Basic Information Everyone Needs to Know
      • We will be playing Daggerfall Covenant for Early Access/Launch

      • We will be rolling on the NA MegaServer

      • Our main focus will be Cyrodiil; Pvp Campaign TBD (stay tuned!)

      • Click >>HERE<< to view our Mumble Connection Information Thread

      • Come launch we will have an additional rank below trial members within the in game guild. Our goal with this rank is to allow players that are not in the Acolytes to guest into our guild in game to partake in activities and see for themselves how active we are with the goal of recruiting them into the community. If there is ever a time in ESO where there is limited spots available to do an activity, trial members and up have priority over those guested in game.

      • Current Acolyte Trial Members:

      We’ve had some conversations on how to begin the trial process from ideas of fast tracking, starting the trials during betas, etc, but we decided to start everybody’s trial on March 30th (the first day of the early access) to keep it fair. This also includes any officer/jr officer that stepped up for the ESO chapter.

      Trials will run for 3 weeks with your application thread in the voting area and then assuming everything goes well (which I don’t see any reason why anybody would fail at the moment) you will be officially welcomed into our community. There are no restrictions as a trial member so hop on, be active/helpful in the game, mumble, and the forums and most of all…HAVE FUN!

      What Can You Expect The First Month?
      You can expect a lot of people on and leveling the first month. We will have plenty of Mumble channels ready for everyone to use and will make a few for area's of common interest so people can hop in mumble and join in with what people are doing. We will have various Cyrodiil channels, fast paced leveling, looking to run dungeons, etc. When you have 80+ people possibly on at once guild chat may get a bit hectic and hard to follow so we are trying to find every way possible to organize what we can so people can spend their time efficiently playing how they wish.

      Our leadership team for ESO is always looking for ways to keep the members involved and active in game. A couple of these are to have an Acolyte lottery weekly where people mail a specified amount of coin and a number between a certain range. A winning number will be picked and half the winnings goes to the winner and the other half towards the guild siege/keep upkeep purchasing fund. We will also have some sort of bounty rewards where our top members who gain the most alliance points in a given month are rewarded. More will be released when more details are finalized.

      Here is a short mashup video from one of the weekend beta's.

      As you know, it is our goal to ensure that we have a solid 24/7 group of members that can apply pressure in Cyrodil 24/7. And we are working to make this vision a reality- Fuileadan, Wolfborn, and Flopsy are working with other Oceanic guilds, EU guilds, and the off peak community to communicate what a vibrant and welcoming/professional home we offer.

      In general with our Recruiting we want to also thank everybody that has posted in our recruitment threads (http://forums.acolytesgaming.com/sho...es-Some-Loving) across the internet world. By doing this it helps show other people how we have an active and welcoming community that likes to work together to have fun and achieve goals. If you posted once, or 30 times it still makes a heck of a difference. Also continue to post into the application threads for any potential new members as it makes the process a lot easier for the new recruit by easing the pressure. Again, thank you everybody!

      We don’t want to stop posting in our recruiting threads (especially before launch), but there is now a new option open for recruiting and it takes everybody’s help for this. While roaming the ESO world, if you meet somebody cool and think they would be a great part of our community, suggest they check us out and send them our way! With the multi guild setup in ESO, even if they are in a guild and they are really awesome you can send them our way and they can guest with us. You never know who you can get just by throwing out a suggestion and sometimes the results will surprise you.

      Who are we following into battle?
      We have a great leadership team in place that has been working hard to make this a successful launch and continue that success for a long time going forward. People across the community may not be familiar with some of these great people so I asked each of them to give a short gaming bio to give you an idea who you will be playing with in game.

      (If anyone previously expressed interest as an Officer or Jr-Officer and is not listed here, that does not mean you cannot still take a very active roll in assisting. For anyone not listed but still interested, please reach out to the respective Officer and let them know!)


      Howdy everyone! Let me start off by saying that I am honored to have the opportunity to help lead the most amazing guild I've ever been a part of in my gaming history. I have a lot of faith and high expectations for the Elder Scrolls Online chapter, and the ranks we've assembled show definite promise in meeting those expectations. I know we're going to become a dominate force on the fields of Cyrodil and that the Acolyte Brand will be represented well by the chapter.

      I joined the Acolytes in 2012 while looking for a guild to get back into the MMO gaming scene in Guild Wars 2. Since I've been a member here, I've had some of the greatest experiences in my gaming career. I've met many great individuals, and can honestly say this is the best gaming community I've ever been witness to. I held an Officer position in the Guild Wars 2 chapter for a period of time, and like to consider myself a natural leader in most things that I take on. Anyone that's really played with me over these past couple of years can tell you that at heart, I'm a PvP'r. I love nothing more than to go out and hunt for a fight against another player. As some like to say, "Kilthorn shoots firsts; asks later". In Elder Scrolls, I plan on taking on a healing/support role, but don't think I won't be out there in the killing fields as well.

      I started my mutli-player gaming career a lot later than most of the old balls around here. I first got started back in Guild Wars 1 where I fell in love with the style of gaming that MMO's offered and the overall community feel of playing with other people. I was young at the time, but found a guild and competed at a very high level in GvG and Hero's Ascent. This PvP stemmed a passion that I've never been able to curb. After playing Guild Wars for a couple years, I found my way to WoW. This is where I experienced the bulk of my MMO play time, and I was really involved in the PvP aspect of the game. While I was in WoW, I held officer positions in a couple different guilds, but those communities don't even hold a light to what we have here at the Acolytes. I raided in brief stints, but it wasn't something I could ever really commit the time to, and it just wasn't my thing. I needed that thrill of PvP. I played the arena system competitively as a Restoration Shaman, and earned Gladiator for multiple consecutive seasons. I finally called the game quits when I moved to college.

      While in college, I dabbled with Warhammer Online, but nothing worth noting as I couldn't invest the time needed into it. It was at this point that I pretty much completely stopped gaming. I got really involved in my social life at college and the time for MMO's just wasn't there. I ended up joining a Fraternity where I spread loose morals and drank more than my fair share of alcohol. Somehow, I eventually found a girl who liked what she saw and kept me grounded. I managed to graduate with honors , and then started my career in Law Enforcement. When Guild Wars 2 was announced, I found my way back to the MMO scene for a new look at my original beginnings, and to the Acolytes. It's been a great couple of years with the folks here, and I can't wait to spend many more.

      As a leader in the Elder Scrolls Online chapter, I plan on doing whatever it takes to help this chapter become an undoubted success. I'll be there to assist Higher in the day to day operations of the chapter, and to collaborate with the lead officers to ensure that all our cogs are turning in unison towards a common objective. Please, do not be intimidated to come and speak to me with any issues that arise. I assure you, I'm very personable and conflict resolution is my day to day job. I look forward to this great opportunity to serve the Acolytes, you won't be disappointed.

      I started off playing Trade Wars 2000 on a telnet chat game, then found myself gankeing noobs in Ultima Online . Moving on to World War 2 online. I experienced my first "pvp" kills. Playing WW2ol for years I got into teamspeak and started to get strats down. I think I became pretty good , and people seemed to listen to what I was saying. I made it to Brigadier general, which was a feat the way the scoring was in that game.

      I moved on to World of Warcraft. I got into beta of that game, made it to level 14 in the beta and never looked back. I unofficially joined back in the old days of 2008/2009 in the the land of Hyboria. Which is when Hieru and Cach both met the indomitable Chronan."Hey Brother" (Hulk Hogan voice). We struck up a deal which would join in an alliance with the Acolytes and then I saw the grass over there and took as many as I could to join forces with them. Ever since I have have been leading PvE raids In Age of Conan. Following Ssairo and eventually taking over for him. I believe we had a few server first under my lead in tier 3 raids. We killed Thoth Amon in only 3-4 months of progression.

      After the downfall of AoC I turned my eyes to Star Trek online ( Which I still play to this day). Played many a games in between, World of Tanks which I got Ssairo hooked and he have never returned to the Aco forums, World of War planes, Neverwinter. Played Guild Wars 2 for about 3 months until Glaiver and Nebby burnt ourselves out. Joined a little gamed call Star Wars the Old Republic. I quickly organized world tours of pve bosses as there was only so much to do in the game during the 3 months after launch. 6 months later I found myself in the hot seat of guild control. Which did not end so well. I tried for a month to rebuild. In the end there was Skullcrusher, Zoolander and Stix.

      I may of may forgot to mention a few years ago I did get a fellow Acolyte out of a French jail in Djibouti in Africa. It is a long story lost somewhere in the archives. My first siege in AoC was when I wasn't an official Acolyte and I was yelling at people in Ventrillo because we were loosing a siege to Sharon and her cronies.

      I have even set up in real life sieges featuring the infamous Aco karakoee in Montreal. Which is lost somewhere in the forum archives. Met a many Acolytes over the years. Ask Ryan about his Yellow car and his Drug dealer suit and tie.

      Theo is the best dude I have ever met. We have met up many times In and outta games. Online communities build friendships for the long haul.

      I started my online gaming career playing text based roleplaying games known as MUDs, one I still play to this day, I started this at 15 years of age. Roleplaying isn't anything new to me and I enjoy it from time to time. On that MUD I ran multiple guilds and clans over my years and I am to date the longest living vampire. When you die as a vampire, you lose the vampire for good. I am going ten years strong. Heh.

      After this I branched out into competitive gaming, Quake Rocket Arena and Counter Strike Beta 3..
      While I was a good RA player, I was a far better CS player. So I gravitated towards it. I competed with a few clans at VLAN and QGL which were big those days for nerds. I won QGL with my team which gave us a shot at World Cyber Games, we sadly failed to qualify due to a loss by a Singaporean team, but what can you do? We had a stab at it!

      I was then approached by the CEO of Gamespace, a local ISP and online gaming community about writing gaming reviews and leading a Gamespace operated team. I accepted and we formed a clan known as DERKA, yes after the movie. We won two of the three big online tournaments and were going strong.. then one of my very selfish friends introduced me to EverQuest, the original.

      Well this started the new chapter of me, I quit CS and my gig writing reviews, who had the time when you have an MMO???? I joined a clan Called Clan of Shadows, these were 72 man raids for those who remember. I played a Half Elf Paladin as an OT for this clan for about four years. I was a raid officer and this is where my leadership in MMO's really begun.

      After EQ1 I naturally progressed to EQ2, I found this player base a lot less enjoyable and selfish, I was actually removed from my high end raid guild known as Dissolution because I had to work Saturday's and this stopped me making 100% raid attendance. This left me feeling sour and after a few months I walked away from the game.

      I hit up several other games over time but rarely with the same enthusiasm. Finally I landed in Warhammer, after playing with a guild they made me their PVP leader. So I tried to turn a guild that was known as being "skill-less in PVP" and make them into a fighting force. I was having a lot of success, this made most of the other officers "relax and ease off" and I found myself trying to organizes dozens of people by myself and it started to make the game less fun. A few of my guild mates also did not like how I was left in the lurch and asked if I would come with them to start a new guild where we all share the burden.

      So we left and formed Eternal. With a smaller group we were able to farm the PVE content and really gear up and it made fighting PVP more systematical. We ended up recruiting more like minded and skilled players and we quickly became a name in the RvR scene. Finally we were approached by one of the best RvR clans about being absorbed into them. All of our officers came across as officers and we played Warhammer for many months after this and just dominating the field.

      I ended up taking a break from MMOs to study and focus on my career, I played Age of Conan for awhile with a group called Mist Wolves and I was once again placed as an officer of PVP. It wasn't something I really wanted to do as I really didn't have the support from guild. In the sense that most of them didn't want to PVP, and I dislike pushing events on to people. Sadly the Khitae expansion really ruined that game from me so I ended up walking away from the game.

      Then along came RIFT, I reformed Eternal with a handful of the originals and I tried not to lead this time, but old habbits die hard and the guys made me lead lol. So we begun recruiting and focusing on the PVE, as the PVP was kind of stale. We ended up forming a raid alliance with another clan that we once again absorbed into. I was an officer in this guild also, Underworld Knights. I played several games with this group, League of Legends, Rust, Marvel, Guild Wars 2, Battlefields etc. All socially, I never took a lead role in any of those games due to the types of players and people they were. All very entitled and generally difficult to work with which is why I ended up walking away from the guild entirely and I found myself here.


      I started dabbling in MMO’s during everquest, but the first game I was heavily invested in was Dark Age of Camelot. As a Midgard Healer I roamed the frontiers mezzing the Hibbies while the rest of group would rush in to crush them. I lead some small roaming groups and also assisted leading a few Relic Raids. Through these times I helped recruit fellow RVRers into the guild and assisted with the application process.
      After running through a few more MMO’s such as EQ2, Warhammer Online, etc, the next one I spent a lot of time in was World of Warcraft. During this time I ran some raids back in vanilla/BC days and helped recruit for the guild for raiding. I also helped newbies into the guild by going to lower level PVE dungeons to help them understand their class and also to make them feel more welcome. We always were competing to be the server firsts in raid finishes. We had a couple implosions from leadership which hurt the guild greatly, but we were able to pick ourselves back up and fill our ranks with great players to continue to raid successfully.


      I joined the acolytes back in Aug of 2012 (Can’t believe its been that long already) and haven’t regretted it. I jumped into Guild Wars 2 for the Server vs Server fights, and heard that a lot of people from DAOC were heading to the Jade Quarry server. I decided to do some research, and in a sense take a gamble on the Acolytes. The guild wars 2 chapter was put together amazingly and the chapter members got me more involved with the guild and wanting to jump into mumble chat as much as I could (which no guild has made me want to in a long time). To sum it up, I’ve enjoyed the experience so much in the Acolytes that I wanted to help contribute to the community as much as I could so that others could see how awesome we are.

      I have been playing mmo's since beta of ultima online. I discovered my love for crafting in Star Wars Galaxies where I became tired of players overcharging for weapons and armor. I decided to become a crafter and built my own little crafting empire undercutting all the top crafters to the point where I actually received death threats. I was able to do all my resource gathering myself and found the best resources and had the highest rating armor on the server. I have had experience leading pvp guilds in Star Wars Galaxies, Tabula Rasa, and Star Wars the Old Republic. I have been apart of many fps clans over the years as well.

      It is my goal as crafting officer for the ESO Chapter to make sure every member has access to top quality gear in order to assist in our domination of Cyrodiil.

      My name is Robert and it all started in the mid 70's when I was just a kid. It began with me looking at and reading my Father's Conan books and magazines . I was instantly hooked. Then around 1981 I began playing Advanced D&D with my high school friends. From there I started listening to Heavy Metal music, liking girls, staying up late and drinking beer. By 1986 I went to my first concert. It was Ozzy Osbourne with Metallica opening up. This was my life for the next 11 years when I got my first computer and played Star Wars Tie Fighter, with no sound till one day I meet a guy at work named Chris Courtney, who turned me on to a game called Ultima Online in Sept. of 97.

      In May of 98 I started playing Ultima Online with Chris and friends. Sometimes I wish I would have stayed with it, but then I went to Star Wars Galaxies. A guild member named Kach, not our Cach sent me a like to a press release for Age of Conan. I liked what I saw and started following that game as I continued to play Star Wars Galaxies.

      Sometime in late 2003 or early 2004, I joined a website ran by Hieru called Temple of Crom. Then I saw a post on the AoC beta fourms for the Acolytes and I joined up. I played Age of Conan for several years until I joined the SWTOR division in 2010. I played in that beta and in Dec of 2011 we launched as a new Chapter. When things fell apart in SWTOR, I then went to GW2 for a few months. I tried to make that happen but it didn't work out. I started playing Star Trek in 2013 with Naup and Stix for awhile even tried Never Winter with Naup. That fell apart as well as I once again started playing SWTOR.

      I talked to Naup for a second time, and then I decided to give Elder Scrolls Online a shot. I liked what I saw. I think that we have a bright future ahead of us here in ESO. I am once again excited about playing with my fellow Acolytes. I look for to seeing you all in game.


      As you can see we have a great foundation to build our success upon in ESO. You the members ultimately determine how much success we have, but you can be rest assured we will put everyone in the best situation possible to succeed.

      Lastly here is a little gaming bio of my own. I am looking forward to making the Cyrodiil rivers flow red with the blood of our enemies together!

      Gaming (video or otherwise) has always been a part of my life. Some of my earliest video game memories include my older brother and I playing the Intellivision with games like Pitfall and DigDug. The Christmas of 1985 my parents got us a 1st gen NES, and I quickly became attached to RPG games like Dragon Warrior, FF, Chrystalis, SuperSpike VBall and so many more.This was only the beginning and Ive had my hands on practically every console under the sun since then.

      In the early 90s the internet and the home pc became pretty popular, and one of the first MMOs I ever played was a game called Never Winter Nights. Not to be confused with the PC game that was released in early 2000s during the first era of DirectX 9c 3D graphics, but rather the text-based 8bit MMO that was found on AOL under the keyword: AD&D (back when AOL was an ISP AND still charged an hourly rate, and before email was free!) I have been playing video games of every sort, off and on, ever since, with time spent in practically every big name MMO since EverQuest. I had intermittent stints as officer and/or sub-officer for the guild DREAD in Galaxies and GW1. I joined the Acos shortly after the release of Aion, and have been with the Acos ever since. Opportunities have provided me with free time, and I look forward to committing it to the Acolytes and the ESO chapter.

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      2. GW2 State of the Division

      Guild Wars 2 Acolytes
      State of the Chapter
      March 2014

      Roster and Leadership

      At the beginning of March, our roster size is just above 180 members, up from about 160 in early February. We consistently support five or six full groups during our Sunday Guild Missions.

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      EverQuest Next State of the Chapter: March

      Current app count & members
      Our current size is pretty great for a game so far away from launch. Dolni and Coupsey have been doing a great job recruiting for the chapter and building our brand and everyone of you who have been helping out have really made their job easier.

      • 74 EQNext Trials
      • 18 EQNext Members
      • 11 EQNext Leadership

      Quick state of the game & Road map
      The past 2 weeks have been fairly slow, but there are some exciting developments in the coming weeks. Here are some quick Highlights:
      • This week:
      • Additional Claims
      • 2 New Biomes
      • New Smoothing Tool

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      State of the Acolytes - February 2014

      General Updates

      Greetings my fellow Acolytes! If you have been around our forums or Mumble lately you will see there is a ton of activity going on. With our already strong activity from our Rift and GW2 chapters you probably have noticed an increase of activity around Everquest Next and Elder Scrolls Online as well. There has been a lot going on within our community the past few months.

      We were able to move over to a new hosting company for our website/forums to improve the speed and user experience thanks to Asiimar. We also purchased a new chat system named CometChat which has extended the reach of our community communication for all members of the community thanks to Theodosios. CometChat has only been active for a little over two weeks now and there has been a total of 3,157 messages sent with over 300 sent in the past 24 hours. It provides an avenue for all members to keep in touch and chat with fellow community members whether you are on the forums in ...
      by Published on 01-27-2014 01:12 AM
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      CometChat is our old chat box on steroids. You can learn and read more about CometChat at their website if you wish http://www.cometchat.com/tour/group-chat

      A big thanks to Theodosios for putting forth the money to purchase CometChat ...
      by Published on 01-24-2014 10:41 AM

      EverQuest Next Recruitment

      Who are we?
      The Acolytes were founded in 2004 with the basic principle of creating a strong, social gaming community. Since then we've offered many outlets for our members to enjoy their time together as a community. ...
      by Published on 01-02-2014 11:03 AM
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      I am an Acolyte Contest

      Happy 2014 to everyone! It is going to be a great year for the Acolyte Gaming Community. In a thread a few weeks back I wanted to have a community wide contest that the entire community could take part in and at the same time give away some good prizes to our members. The goal of the contest is to showcase the awesome members we have here within our community and at the same time spreading the word of our wonderful Acolyte Gaming Community to friends, family and so on. Lets see what everyone comes up with!!

      Details of the Contest

      • The objective is to take a picture of yourself, friends, family members, or pets in Acolyte branded gear/apparel and post the pictures here in this thread. The more creative, the higher the prize you will possibly win.
      • Another option for the contest is that you can take our

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